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2x Pack TAXOFIT Eye Vitamin Complex Mineral Perfect Vision 60 Capsules

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2x Pack Taxofit Eyes Day + Night Mineral Complex Capsules

Food supplements containing vitamins, minerals, lutein and zeaxanthin

9.6 g 30 capsules (60 Capsule Supply) 

17 mg lutein, vitamin A & zinc for vision retention, 800 μg vitamins A for light-dark vision food supplements

Our eyes are highly demanded daily, eg by reading, working on the computer or television. Especially night driving is exhausting for the eyes. Permanent bad lighting, strong sun exposure, smoking and dry air also require the eye's metabolism. To keep them healthy and efficient during the day and night, a regular supply of special vital substances is an important prerequisite:

  • Vitamin A is of central importance for the visual process and, in particular, as a component of the visual appearance for light-dark vision
  • Zinc is also important for the maintenance of healthy eye function and additionally supports the metabolism of vitamin A

Selenium and the vitamins C, E and B2 contribute to the metabolism of cellulose by the neutralization of free radicals as antioxidants. 

Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids which occur in the retina of the eye and in a particularly high concentration in the "yellow spot". Lutein and zeaxanthin can enter the body only with the food, since it can not form it itself.

taxofit eye capsules with vitamin A and zinc for the preservation of the eyesight.

  • Vitamin A is particularly important for light-dark vision
  • 6 mg of zinc support the Vitamin A metabolism in addition to a healthy eye function
  • combined in a small, easily swallowed capsule


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