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WELEDA Oat Regenerating Cure for Dry and Damaged Hair - 150 ml

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WELEDA Oat Regenerating Cure for Dry and Damaged Hair

150 ml

The hair mask Weleda Oat represents an irreplaceable step in the care ritual of hair care. Give your hair a moment of regeneration. It thanks you with its vitality and beauty.


  • regenerates the hair over its entire length
  • facilitates combing and thus prevents hair damage

Apply the product to damp hair washed with a shampoo.


About the Weleda brand

The Weleda brand stands for man's true harmony with nature. The wide range of certified natural cosmetics helps to improve, restore and maintain human health. Contributes to physical well-being and supports personal development. Weleda was founded in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own medicinal plant garden.

Gradually, Weleda has grown into a health and beauty-focused, globally successful company that is present in more than 50 countries. All Weleda products are made exclusively from natural ingredients without the use of artificial preservatives. The raw materials also come in the vast majority of cases from organic farming.

Weleda shampoos, targeted skin care or Weleda products for babies are not only highly effective and gentle in this way, but also provide a path to a harmonious lifestyle. Weleda cosmetics mean true love for and respect for nature.