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2xPack Tetesept Veins Tablets Extra - 60 Tablets

Regular price $18.99

2xPack Tetesept Veins Tablets Extra

Dietary supplements, 17.7 g 

30 Tablets per Pack (60 Tablets Supply)

400 mg Red Vine Leaves * + Goldenrod, Vitamin C + E + Magnesium + Manganese, Healthy Veins + Venous Blood Circulation by Vitamin C Supplements

        Tetesept Veins Extra Pills : Tetesept Veins Extra pills supply the veins with vitamin C from the inside, thus maintaining the natural vein function - with only 1 tablet daily. Long standing or sitting, overweight, hereditary preloading or pregnancy can impair healthy vein function. The legs feel heavy and tired. 

        Veins transport the blood against gravity towards the heart. They rely on the surrounding muscles and connective tissue. An adequate supply of nutrients to the venous vessels as well as to the muscles and connective tissue is therefore of great importance for the venous function.BR> tetesept veins tablets extracontain selected vital substances, as well as valuable herbal extracts of red vine leaves * and goldenrod . Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for normal blood vessel function. The vitamins C + E contribute to the protection of the vessels from oxidative stress. Magnesium supports the muscle function. Manganese contributes to the formation of connective tissue, which also surrounds the veins. Tetesept Veins Extra Tablets also contain selected, natural, traditional plant extracts of red vine leaves * and goldenrod, 3 times effective:

        1. Vitamin C for healthy veins and vein circulation
        2. Magnesium supplies the muscles
        3. Manganese for the healthy connective tissue, also around the veins

        Free from gluten and lactose * Conversion of the extract into fresh or dried plant