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Tetesept Muscle Vital Heat Balm

Regular price $14.50

Tetesept Muscle Vital Heat Balm

100 ml

Natural depth effect, relieves tension, helps with sore muscles and back problems, long-term effect, with rosemary & eucalyptus oil, quickly absorbed.
Tetesept Muscle Vital Heat Balm loosens joints and muscles in case of tension and soreness with a lasting warming effect. The balm does not stick, absorbs quickly and cares deeply.

Natural essential rosemary and eucalyptus oil unfold after gentle rubbing on the stressed parts of the body. The lasting deep-warming effect supports the blood circulation-promoting and relaxing effect noticeably - the muscles are soothingly relaxed.

Tetesept Muscle Vital Heat Balm is the new balm generation that can do more:

  1. Relaxation of the muscles through soothing warmth
  2. fast feeding through non-greasy texture
  3. special depth effect of the nourishing active ingredients by patented natural proteins (Microbione®)
  • with depth effect
  • with rosemary & eucalyptus oil
  • relaxes and relaxes
  • for a better mobility
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically proven
  • free of silicones, paraffins, dyes and parabens