Tchibo Country Coffee Set- Brazil-Ethiopia-El-Salvador-India-Colombia 50 Capsule

  • $35.50

Tchibo Cafissimo Country Coffee Set 5x10 Capsules

  • Brazil
  • Ethiopia
  • El Salvador
  • India
  • Colombia

Set includes all country coffee varieties:
Caffè Crema Colombia, Caffè Crema India, Ethiopia Coffee, Espresso Brasil, Espresso El Salvador
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All coffees from 100% sustainable cultivation

  • Discover now the full variety of country coffees

    So that the unique flavor and the special taste profile of each country can arise, we use only the best green coffee from one region at our Cafissimo country coffees. It is the different climatic and soil conditions that make up the special character of coffees. Depending on their origin, flavor profiles are created with hints of lime, caramel, jasmine, malt or nut.

    Tchibo Cafissimo country coffees cover all the major continents of the coffee world with Central and South America, Asia and Africa. Taste around the equator, where coffee can thrive due to the prevailing climatic conditions, and enjoy espresso from Brazil and El Salvador, Caffè Crema from Colombia and India, and coffee from Ethiopia.



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