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Tchibo Tasting Box Coffee, Eduscho, Cafissimo, 110 Capsules - 11 Variety Collection

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Tchibo Tasting Box Coffee, Tchibo, Eduscho, Cafissimo, 110 Capsules ( 11 Variety Collection)

Product Description
Possibly increased caffeine content. May not be recommended for children and pregnant or lactating women.
  • For your Cafissimo machine
  • Discover the diversity of Cafissimo in 11 different coffees incl. 4x Eduscho Cafissimo capsules from Austria
  • All coffees from 100% sustainable cultivation

Storage: Store in a cool, dry and dark place 
Instructions for use: Put the capsules in the compartment provided and press the Caffè Creme, Filter Coffee or Espresso button once. 
Format: capsules

11 Capsules Coffee Classics (10 packs per pack)
  • Packs of capsules roasted coffee ground
  • 1x coffee mild - Balanced body with gentle roasted aromas
  • 1x strong coffee - intense aroma with a fine-spicy taste
  • 1x Espresso elegant - Full aroma with elegant body
  • 1x Espreso strong - Strong aroma with intense taste
  • 1x Caffè Crema mild - Gentle aroma with velvety crema
  • 1x BLACK 'N WHITE - balanced aroma and full-bodied taste
  • 1x Caffè Crema full-bodied - Balanced body with full-bodied taste
  • 1x Eduscho Crema Elegant - Fine aroma, elegant taste
  • 1x Eduscho Crema Superiore - Gentle-fruity character through traditional drum roasting
  • 1x Eduscho Espresso Classico - Strong aroma, savory taste
  • 1x Eduscho Coffee Gala No. 1 - Unique fine and expressive flavor

Cafissimo's aroma capsules combine the decades of coffee expertise and comprehensive recipe expertise of Tchibo. 
The perfectly coordinated flavor profiles are based on sophisticated recipes and combine maximum enjoyment in a great variety for every taste. 

Discover the diversity of Cafissimo and Eduscho with the Cafissimo Collection. Our Classics offer fine, clearly differentiated taste profiles: whether mild, full-bodied or strong. 

Try and find your favorite variety now! 

"Sealed under protective athmosphere"