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Tchibo Cafissimo Classic Coffee 80 Capsules - MILD

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Tchibo Cafissimo Kaffe Classic Ground Coffee -  Mild

Possibly increased caffeine content. May not be recommended for children and pregnant or lactating women.

  • Aromatic coffee full of vitality and floral notes
  • For your Cafissimo machine
  • All coffees from 100% sustainable cultivation

Tchibo Classic Ground Coffee is an aromatic coffee full of vitality. in four different varities 

Roasted in the traditional Italian way, the aromatic taste can develop perfectly.

product details
  • Contents: 8 x 10 capsules à 7 g = 560 g
  • Intensity: 2
  • Ground roasted coffee
  • Sealed under protective athmosphere
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place
    Tchibo coffee capsules 
      Number of pieces: 80  mass 560 g
      Type of coffee: Classic coffee
      list of ingredients:  Ground roasted coffee, coffee capsules
      Storage and use
      Place the capsule in the compartment provided and press the coffee key once. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
        Place capsules in the designated compartment and press the Caffe Creme, Filter Coffee or Espresso Taste once.
                MADE IN GERMANY