Tchibo Cafissimo 96 Capsules Stock Box -  EXPRESSO STRONG

Tchibo Cafissimo 96 Capsules Stock Box - EXPRESSO STRONG

  • $52.50

Tchibo Cafissimo 96 Capsules Stock Box -  Espresso Strong

 Product Description

Possibly increased caffeine content. May not be recommended for children and pregnant or lactating women.
  • Practical storage box with 96 individual capsules
  • 100% Tchibo Arabica 100% flavored and airtight coffee capsules and 100% sustainably grown coffee
  • Ideal for offices, hotels, restaurants, at work, for customers, for frequent drinkers

Tchibo uses only the best highland Arabica, which ripen more slowly in selected locations, giving them more time to develop their incomparable variety of over 800 flavors. From this highland Arabica quality of coffee beans, only the best are selected: mature, tall and flawless. 
Cafissimo's aroma capsules combine the decades of coffee expertise and comprehensive recipe expertise of Tchibo. The perfectly coordinated flavor profiles are based on sophisticated recipes and combine maximum enjoyment in a great variety for every taste. Thanks to 100% best Tchibo Arabica in each capsule. 
The perfect interaction of Cafissimo machines and capsules produces fine, clearly differentiated taste profiles.
From mild to strong, every espresso, caffè-cream and filter coffee lover will find their favorite variety at Cafissimo.

    Manufacturer: Tchibo coffee capsules 

      number of pieces: 96, mass 768 g

        Type of coffee: Classic coffee

          list of ingredients: Ground roasted coffee

            sales description coffee capsules

             Storage and use

              • Place the capsule in the compartment provided and press the coffee key once. Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
              • Place capsules in the designated compartment and press the Caffe Creme, Filter Coffee or Espresso Taste once
            MADE IN GERMANY

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