2xPack Tchibo Caffé Crema Full-bodied Coffe Advantage Pack - 200 Pads

  • $42.50

Tchibo Caffé Crema Full-bodied Coffe Advantage Pack               

100 Pads per pack (200 pad supply)

For each Pad Caffè Crema Full-bodied exquisite Arabicas from the world's best growing areas are used. But only the special roasting of each type of coffee and the special Tchibo mixture give Caffè Crema Full-bodiedthe unique full-bodied taste with velvety spoon crema. 

Since more coffee in the pad also means more enjoyment, each Tchibo Pad contains 7.4g * Tchibo Arabica - for your unparalleled taste experience. 100 single servings each with 7,4g *, ground roasted coffee, coffee pads. 
Individually flavored in a protective atmosphere. 

* Capacity variations per pad are subject to technical filling tolerances. Filling height of the packaging due to technical reasons. Store cool and dry.

  1. Advantage pack
  2. 100 pads à 7.4 g per pack
  3. Individually flavored with aroma
  4. Suitable for all pad machines


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