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Tchibo Eduscho Cafissimo Coffee Gala Nr.1 Capsules - 80 Pads

Regular price $42.50

Tchibo Eduscho Cafissimo Coffee Gala Nr.1 Capsules, 80 Pieces

Advantage Pack of 80 capsules - The best coffee quality for your Cafissimo machine
Flavor-sealed and airtight capsules, each with 7.0 g content
The best coffee composition for the highest demands: uniquely fine and expressive fullness of taste
Gentle and careful Eduscho roasting
Fast and clean preparation
The best of the best in exquisite quality.

A composition of finest beans from the best harvests in the world. An exquisite coffee pleasure with perfected aroma, unmistakable fragrance and uniquely fine, expressive flavor. Each capsule contains the exact amount of finely ground coffee for a freshly-roasted cup Gala No. 1. It is simply inserted into the cafissimo - a press of the selection key and you're done.

Product Information

Roasted coffee, ground
Storage: Store cool, dry and dark