Tchibo - Privat Coffee Rarity »Honduras Copranil

  • $19.99

Tchibo - Privat Coffee Rarity »Honduras Copranil

    • Balanced in the taste with a fine hint of chocolate
    • 100% Arabica coffee beans from Fairtrade certified farms
    • 500g whole bean

Product details:

Privat Coffee Rarity »Honduras Copranil«Ground Coffee

Majestic ruins nestled in a beautiful tropical landscape: Honduras, with its famous Mayan relics from bygone times, not only houses a proud UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the heart of Copán, one of the country's best growing regions, our new specialty is at home too. At a height of almost 1,500 meters, the high-quality coffee grows under optimal climatic conditions and enchants with its balanced taste and the slight nuances of chocolate.

Small but beautiful: the Fairtrade cooperative Copranil

Whether filter coffee in whole beans or as Cafissimo Gand Classé Espresso - the limited edition "Copranil" takes you with every sip into the fascinating world of Honduras. This special and Fairtrade-certified coffee specialty owes its name to our partner, the cooperative Copranil. Since being founded 19 years ago, almost 130 active members have taken care of producing the best of regional coffee cherries and are proud to be able to round off the unique quality of their coffee with the FAIRTRADE certification. The FAIRTRADE seal stands for Fair Trade, which aims to improve the living and working conditions of small farmers from the producing countries. This includes, in particular, the payment of a minimum price for the smallholders and a premium for use in joint projects. Fairtrade also promotes sustainable cultivation methods.



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