Simplicol Textile Dye 'INTENSIVE' - 23 Shades

  • $14.50

Simplicol Textile Dye 'INTENSIVE' - 23 Shades

400 g per pack

Fabric dye for use in the washing machine.

Love colour? Live colour! It’s so easy with simplicol Fabric Dye intensive. Give your clothes and home textiles a fascinating new look with just one wash.

The fabric dye is suitable for cotton, viscose, linen, and blends. Use directly in the drum at 40°C. The liquid dye dissolves quickly to ensure a brilliant, even dyeing result with no blotches.

The dyed textiles can then be washed according to the care label (at up to 95°C).

23 Shades:

  1.  Sunburst  Yellow
  2.  Mango Orange
  3.  Rose Red
  4.  Ruby Red
  5.  Cheerful Pink
  6.  Luscious Berry
  7.  Lavender Lilac 
  8.  Night Blue
  9.  Royal Blue
  10.  Caribbean Turqoise
  11.  Opal Turqoise
  12.  Forest Green
  13.  Spring Green
  14.  Olive Green
  15.  Safari Khaki
  16.  Espresso Brown
  17.  Elegant Grey
  18.  Black Velvet
  19. Lagoon Blue
  20. Pastel Green
  21. Celestial Blue
  22. Orchid Purple
  23. Magnolia Pink



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