2xPack PRIMAVERA Organic Deep Breath Pillow Spray - 60 ml

2xPack PRIMAVERA Organic Deep Breath Pillow Spray - 60 ml

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2xPack PRIMAVERA Organic Deep Breath Pillow Spray 

30 ml each (60 ml supply)

A conscious and deep breathing is an important part of health and well-being. Controlled and deep breathing strengthens the immune defense and thus contributes to health maintenance. Especially in the cold season, the preventative care of the respiratory system is very important to be able to breathe deeply even at low temperatures. The pillow spray made of 100% pure natural essential oils stimulates deep breathing and thus supports good health. Essential eucalyptus oil frees and strengthens. Essential Swiss Stone Oil supports healthy sleep and clears and purifies not only the air but also the mind.

Sprayed directly on the pillow or in the room air also frees the spray of germs and refreshes textiles.

• EUCALYPTUS GLOBULUS BIO stimulates deep breathing and strengthens 
• ZIRBELKIEFER BIO clears, cleanses and supports healthy sleep




target group Women | Men | Kids
application Note Spray directly on the pillow or in the room. Ideal for traveling.
ingredients Alcohol * bio, water, eucalyptus globulus * bio, stone pine * bio and others 100% all-natural essential oils
Free of Without parabens | Without silicones | Without mineral oils | Without PEG | Without aluminum salts | Without synthetic perfumes | Without synthetic dyes | Without synthetic preservatives
content 30 ml

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