PRIMAVERA The Fragrant Medicine Cabinet - 3-Piece Gift Set

  • $26.50

PRIMAVERA The Fragrant Medicine Cabinet - 3-Piece Gift Set

3x5 ml each (15 ml)

Set Includes:

Lavender - known for its relaxing and soothing properties! 

peppermint - the oil against tension in the head and neck area! 

Tea Tree - the smallest medicine cabinet in the world! 

The gift set contains 5 ml each of lavender fine * bio, peppermint * organic, tea tree * organic

The three most important essential oils in one set: lavender, peppermint and tea tree. The constant companion for your medicine cabinet and for all cases. The ideal set for on the go and as a gift. The three essential oils are particularly suitable as an introduction to aromatherapy, as they cover a wide range of different needs and can help with the care of many ailments. The selective application on the skin is possible in acute cases. Now in a modern, fragrant design and at a special price. Peppermint bio Peppermint was already known as an excellent remedy in ancient times. The fragrance is determined by the main ingredient menthol. Menthol is also responsible for the cooling freshness effect. In case of skin contact, e.g. B. in the form of a body rub or application in a roll-on, the blood circulation is stimulated, followed by a revitalizing feeling of cold. Furthermore, peppermint essential oil is particularly helpful and soothing for gastrointestinal complaints such as flatulence, nausea and vomiting. A loving massage with essential peppermint oil, for example in organic almond oil, calms the stomach and relaxes the digestive tract. In addition, the scent of peppermint is stimulating and refreshing. The scent supports clear thinking, increases concentration and wakes you up. Lavender fine organic The oil is considered the most important and popular oil in aromatherapy and care. Because of its extensive effects, essential lavender oil is an all-rounder. For example, lavender is sometimes referred to as “the pharmacy in a bottle”. The scent of the lavender oil is fresh and herbaceous-flowery. The specialty of the oil is that lavender can have a stimulating and refreshing effect when you are feeling exhausted, as well as relaxing and calming when you are stressed. In this way, the oil is able to soothe extremes on a physical and emotional level and restore balance. Lavender oil is also a particularly effective and quick help for burns, many skin problems, but also for sleep problems. Tea tree bio Essential tea tree oil is often used in the care of skin impurities such as pimples and acne as well as in wound treatment due to its cleansing, clarifying and skin-regenerating effect. It provides quick relief from insect bites and itching and helps to accelerate the swelling of irritated and stressed skin. In addition, the oil is also well suited for oral care, as it is antibacterial and promotes skin regeneration in the case of inflammation of the gums. On a psychological level, the fragrance of the oil has a stabilizing and revitalizing effect.




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