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PRIMAVERA Organic Lemongrass Cedar Sauna Infusion - 100 ml

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PRIMAVERA Organic Lemongrass Cedar Sauna Infusion     

100 ml

This fragrance combination enhances the soothing effect of the sauna with an intense woody aroma. 
Has a harmonizing and strengthening effect. 

• Lemongrass essential oil gives clear mind. 
• Essential cedar oil harmonizes, promotes courage and self-confidence and strengthens the nerves.



target group Women | Men
application Note Mix 10 to 25 ml (about 2-5 caps) of the concentrate with one liter of water. Then add 15 to 20 g of this mixture per cubic meter of sauna room to the glowing hot sauna stones. Sprinkle the rising steam with a towel. Take a deep breath and relax.
ingredients Alcohol * organic, water, lemongrass * organic, cedar, spearmint, and others
product feature clarifying | fragrant | strengthening
Free of Without parabens | Without silicones | Without mineral oils | Without PEG | Without aluminum salts | Without synthetic perfumes | Without synthetic dyes | Without synthetic preservatives | Without paraffins
content 100 ml