2xPack PRIMAVERA Organic Stone Pine Oil - 10 ml

2xPack PRIMAVERA Organic Stone Pine Oil - 10 ml

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PRIMAVERA Organic Stone Pine Oil 

5 ml each (10 ml supply)

Zirbel pine, also called Arve or stone pine, is an evergreen coniferous tree, which is native to the Swiss Alps. The Zirbelkiefer can become up to 25 meters high and 1000 years old. Their wood smells intensively and is used as furniture wood and for carvings. Zirbelkiefer finds use in naturopathy for cold and muscle complaints and to improve indoor air quality.




target group Women | Men | Unisex
top note fresh
heart notes woody, clear
application Note Cosmetic for the aroma care. Mix max. 12 drops with 50 ml almond oil * bio.
ingredients Pinus Cembra Leaf / Twig Oil, Limonene ** 
** natural components of the essential oil
Free of Without parabens | Without silicones | Without mineral oils | Without PEG | Without aluminum salts | Without synthetic perfumes | Without synthetic dyes | Without synthetic preservatives
content 5 ml each

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