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Perwoll Liquid Laundry Detergent 'RENEW ADVANCED BLACK & FIBER' 20 WL, 1.5 L 900 ml

Regular price $11.50

Perwoll Liquid Laundry Detergent ' RENEW ADVANCED BLACK & FIBER'

20 WL, 1.5 L 900 ml

      In black you always feel well and dressed appropriately for every occasion. 
      Black stands for elegance, style, quality and classic. 
      Frequent wearing and washing turns elegant black into a gray monotony.

      • was specially tailored to the needs of dark and black clothing
      • smoothes roughened fibers and lets faded colors shine again - without any added color
      • Cleans gently and cares for your clothes with every wash
      • has a stronger effect on stains and protects against graying even better
      • gives a delicate fragrance