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2xPack Diadermine Lift+ Instant Tightening Instant Firming NightCream

Regular price $28.99

2x Pack Diadermine Lift + Instant Tightening Instant Firming Anti-Age Night Cream

50 ml  (100 ml Total

For mature skin, reduces wrinkles in depth, length & finish, silky, rich & nourishing texture

Your skin:

With age, the natural hyaluronic content of the skin decreases and this leads to a decreasing moisture content. The skin increasingly loses its firmness, creating lines and deep wrinkles.

Diadermine mode of action:
The wrinkles Expert 3D Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream provides the skin specifically with hyaluronic acid, a skin-own wrinkle-upholsterer, which builds up the moisture depots of the skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly softened in 3 dimensions:

  • the depth is reduced
  • the length of the fold is reduced
  • the surface is smoothed

Visible results:
In only 7 days the skin appears visibly more youthful. After regular use, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly softened in 3 dimensions: in the pleat length, depth and surface.