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2x Pack Altapharma A-Z Depot 50+ Minerals, Elements & Lutein

Regular price $24.50

2x Packs Altapharma A-Z Depot from 50 + 21 Vitamins, Minerals & Lutein Tablets

Dietary supplement with 21 vitamins, minerals, trace elements & lutein

138 g 100 tablets (200 Tablets Total) with 21 vitamins & minerals, with lutein  supplements

  • Health and wellbeing are especially valuable in the second half of life. A balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is an important basis for this. Already one tablet Altapharma A - Z from 50 Depot provides your body with 22 vital substances. The recipe is tailored to the needs of the body over 50 years. Many of the contained nutrients support each other in their effect. Calcium and vitamin D3 are important for the bones, vitamin A and zinc support the process of vision, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E help to protect the cells from oxidative stress.
    • with 21 vitamins and minerals
    • with lutein
    • with depot effect
    • without milk sugar, gluten-free
    • Ingredients:

    Without milk sugar, gluten-free.