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2x Pack DoppelHerz Active Sport DIRECT Orange Flavor - 40 Servings

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2x Pack DoppelHerz Active sport DIRECT Granules with minerals, trace elements, B vitamins & orange flavor, dietary supplements with sweeteners

40 g 20 servings (40 Servings Supply)

Vitamins & Minerals, Micro-pellets - ingested without liquid, with orange-flavored dietary supplement
Active Sport DIRECT:  Savory + especially easy to take. For quick and direct Ingestion Double Heart Sport DIRECT provides you with excellent nutrition, minerals, trace elements and B vitamins after exercise and exercise. A modern manufacturing process has succeeded in developing a practical dosage form: <bold> Doppelherz Sport DIRECT contains its valuable micronutrients in the form of micro-pellets: tear open the sachet to put the content directly on the tongue. <Linebreak /> The fine granulate beads dissolve in seconds and can be swallowed completely without liquid - ideal for on the go. This dosage form is well suited to quickly provide the body with important nutrients after exercise and exercise. </ Para> <Para> A balanced diet is essential for optimal body performance. The body is only able to perform if it is sufficiently supplied with all nutrients. Athletes and physically active people can increase their consumption of minerals, trace elements and vitamins through increased energy requirements, increased muscle growth and the increased excretion of sweat. 

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