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OLIVEDA Olivematcha Mindpower (I50) 30g

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OLIVEDA Olivematcha Mindpower (I50) 30g

The invigorating-stimulating blend of ground olive leaf, Japan Matcha, guarana, sweet cinnamon bark and kola nut boosts metabolism and provides plenty of power for the day. 

Preparation: 1 g (= 1/2 teaspoon) of the powder is poured as tea with (depending on the taste) 100-500 ml of boiling water. Suitable for immediate enjoyment. There are no limits to the creative handling of this superfood.

target group Women | Men | Kids | Unisex
Manufacturer OLIVEDA Germany GmbH, Neuer Zollhof 3, 40221 Dusseldorf
Free of llactose free | gluten free (DZG) | vegetarian according to recipe | vegan according to ingredients | vegan
content 30 g
Olive leaves (38%) Japan MatchaAromaSteviaCinnamonColanutGuarana