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OLIVEDA Tea Meditation (I51) - 110 g

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OLIVEDA Tea Meditation (I51) - 110 g

The classic! This fruity-mild blend of tea brings body, mind, soul and skin together. Rosehip peels, Moroccan mint, fruity orange peel, tender olive leaves, refreshing lemon verbena, warming cinnamon bark, licorice and calming lavender flowers invite you to relax and ensure a harmonious end to the day.

Olive tree therapy, the Mediterranean Ayurveda, also means to create small oases of regeneration. Leaving the hectic everyday life behind, relax and let go, to feel your own roots again and sharpen your senses. Our TEA MEDITATION should support you, maybe even inspire you. It is based on old, Mediterranean recipes. Moroccan mint, orange, lavender and cinnamon form natural synergies with the balancing power of the olive leaves, from OLIVEDA's own cultivation.

target group Women | Men | Kids | Unisex
Manufacturer OLIVEDA Germany GmbH, Neuer Zollhof 3, 40221 Dusseldorf
Free of lactose free | gluten free (DZG) | vegetarian according to recipe | vegan according to ingredients | vegan
content 110 g
ingredients Rosehip peel Moroccan mintOrange peelLemon verbenaOlive leaves (10%) Cinnamon barkSweetwoodLavender blossoms.