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NIVEA Q10 plus Anti-Aging CC Color Correction Toned Day Care Cream

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NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti-Aging CC Color Correction Toned Day Care Cream

50 ml

Toned day care with SPF 15, softens wrinkles visibly, prevents new wrinkles

Do you want visibly smoother skin and a more even, fresh-looking complexion? 
Then, the NIVEA® Q10 plus ANTI-AGING Color Correction Toned Day Care with perfect mineral pigmentation is just right for you:

  • The formula with Q10 and creatine refined the skin structure and wrinkles are combated from the inside out
  • The tinted care ensures a more even skin texture in harmony with your natural skin tone
  • Small skin irregularities and beauty glands are covered
  • LSF 15 and UVA filters protect against premature aging of the skin
  • The compatibility is confirmed by skin doctors

Care in harmony with your skin:

Q10 and creatine are highly active ingredients whose natural concentration in the skin decreases with age. The NIVEA® Q10 plus ANTI-AGING face lotion combines Q10 and creatine in a highly effective formula. It softens wrinkles - in harmony with your skin.