Tchibo Caffè Blonde Whole Beans - 500 g

  • $17.50

Tchibo - Caffè Blonde Whole Beans

500 g 

  • Lightly roasted, aromatic mild taste with fine fruit notes
  • Gentle finishing in the drum roaster
  • 100% Tchibo Arabica beans from San Marcos, Honduras
  • 500g whole bean for an attractive tasting price
  • Ideal for coffee machines
  • limited edition

Product details:

Caffè Blonde

New, unfamiliar, surprising. In your coffee machine, you can enjoy the mild, aromatic and almost soft taste of your favorite new coffee. 

Freshly delivered from Honduras, the Caffè Blonde is refined in the Tchibo roasting house. Gentle, gentle, almost slowly, your delicious Caffè Blonde emerges from the green coffee beans in the drum roasters.

Gently & brightly finished in the drum Roaster

For the Caffè Blonde, the coffee beans are gently refined at low temperature in the drum roaster. When the beans turn golden brown and break open with an audible crack - the so-called "first crack" - they are ready: Now the beans develop their delicate mild taste without intense roasted aromas and with little bittersweet. 

So surprisingly new tastes our new Caffè Blonde!

Honduras - perfect climate for perfect coffee

In the mountains of Honduras ideal conditions for the cultivation of our Caffè Blonde prevail: Fertile soils and a humid, subtropical climate make the coffee cherries particularly well mature, so that they can later unfold their full aroma. 
The beans for our Caffè Blonde come from San Marcos in the west of the country. Here they mature at an altitude of about 1400 m and are dried in the sun after harvesting before they go on the long journey to Hamburg. 
Try the new Caffè Blonde now in your Tchibo branch!



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