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2x Pack Neutrogena Ageless Boost Hydrogel Cleansing Masks

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2x Pack Neutrogena Ageless Boost Hydrogel Masks

 30 ml per pack (60 ml suppy)

2-piece hydrogel mask (per pack) for a perfect fit, hydrogel cooling technology - 100% skin-smoothing serum for smooth, younger-looking skin.
The Neutrogena® Ageless Boost Hydrogel Mask consists of 100% hydrogel, a line smoothing formula with adenosine. This innovative gel mask adapts perfectly to the face shape - like a second skin. This is how the mask can best develop its effect.1 Hydrogel mask corresponds to approx. 30 applications of a skin-smoothing serum * - In just 15 minutes2-part gel mask for a perfect fitMaximizes the absorption of nourishing ingredientsNo dehydration, no washingFast cooling effectContains the poresNot even suitable for sensitive skin 30ml 

The result: Intense recovery for a younger-looking skin. Fine lines are softened, the skin feels noticeably smoother. 

* based on the amount of a 30 ml skin smoothing Serum,