2xPack Mivolis Curcumin Capsules - 60 Pcs

  • $22.50

2xPack Mivolis Curcumin Capsules

30 Pcs per pack (60 Pcs per order)

  • 1 capsule corresponds to approx. 1,600 mg turmeric root
  • contains the secondary plant substance curcumin in an excellently bioavailable form
  • Vitamin C and D contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system
  • 1x daily
  • NovaSOL® technology - without pepper extract (piperine) 

The secondary plant substance curcumin is obtained from the Indian turmeric (scientific name Curcuma longa). Goldenseal, also known as turmeric, has been used traditionally in India and China for thousands of years. Vitamin C and vitamin D contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. Thanks to the NovaSOL® technology, the curcumin in the Mivolis Premium Curcuma Liquid capsules is in liquid form and thus achieves a very high level of bioavailability (study Schiborr C. et. al. (2014) doi: 10.1002/mnfr. 20130724). This is significantly higher than the bioavailability of conventional turmeric piperine capsules. Bioavailability refers to the absorption of a substance into the bloodstream. The liquid curcumin in the capsules is easier for the body to absorb.


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