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50 ml

The cleansing organic facial peeling cream from the Bouquet Floral series is a mild peeling that gently removes dead cells and impurities from the skin. It regains its shine and is ideally prepared for the application of the daily moisturizer.

This peeling care is rich in rose blossom and orange blossom water and helps to moisturize, soothe and soften the skin. The creamy texture of the cleansing organic facial peeling cream enables easy use and is suitable for all skin types: the complexion is unified, the complexion refined.

99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
11% of the total ingredients come from organic farming  
Made in France, certified organic by Ecocert

The cleansing organic face peeling cream is ideal:
• for women looking for a mild and effective organic
peeling cream  • for a gentle peeling to rid the skin of impurities
• to unify the complexion and refine the skin texture
• because of its mild and creamy texture
• because of its delicate floral fragrance
• for all skin types - even for the most sensitive

The plus of Melvita:
So that the make-up removal does not degenerate into an attack on the skin, Melvita has put together a "bouquet" of its most unusual floral waters, which gently remove the skin, protecting its fragile balance and preparing it for care. The Bouquet Floral care and make-up removal products are enriched with probiotics, protect and care for the fragile ecosystem of the skin, which is constantly exposed to attack (pollution, make-up, etc.).

Made in France, organic certified by Ecocert