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50 ml


In Organic Argan Oil Youthful Cream, Melvita has included 125 drops* of revitalising argan oil as well as argan pulp extract renowned for its firming effect on skin. This anti-ageing cream has a unique formula, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, firming skin and giving the face back its youthful shape.

The patented cream-in-oil texture of Organic Argan Oil Youthful Cream is specially designed for the needs of dry and very dry skins. It melts into skin to intensively nourish without leaving a greasy film.

Day after day, the skin's youthfulness is revealed.

99% of the ingredients are natural.
25% of the ingredients are organic.
Made in France; certified organic by ECOCERT.

Organic Argan Oil Youthful Cream is ideal for:
• Women wanting an organic, firming anti-wrinkle product
• Smoothing out wrinkles, firming skin and giving the face back its youthful shape
• Its patented unique texture (cream-in-oil) which is also highly concentrated (125 drops of argan oil)
• Dry to very dry skin

For normal to combination skins, Organic Argan Oil Youthful Cream also comes in a lighter texture: here you can view Organic Argan Oil Youthful Fluid.

The Melvita extra:
Melvita argan oil is certified as organic and fairly traded under the standard. It is produced in Morocco without the use of chemical solvents and is strictly controlled to guarantee outstanding quality. For over 25 years, Melvita has been accumulating significant expertise in this plant oil; 34 tests have been carried out to demonstrate its quality and effectiveness.

*Equivalent to 5% argan oil.

For best results with this product, use the "Concentrate of Youth" massage routine below: 

Take one to two dabs of Organic Argan Oil Youthful Cream, warm in your hands, then gently spread evenly over your face.

Step 1: Smooth the cheeks
Use three fingers to smooth the skin from the nostrils to the cheekbones then apply gentle pressure for a second. Smooth the skin up to the temples and apply pressure once again.

Step 2: Smooth the forehead
Place three fingers between the eyebrows and gently press down for a second. Move up to the hairline, smoothing the skin. Then move down towards the temples and apply gentle pressure.

Step 3: Give the face shape
Place three fingers at the corner of the mouth and move upwards to the cheekbones. Keep applying pressure at the centre, then smooth the skin towards the ears.