Melvita Organic Facial Care Duo For Brighter, Prettier Skin - 50 ml

Melvita Organic Facial Care Duo For Brighter, Prettier Skin - 50 ml

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Melvita Organic Facial Care Duo For Brighter, Prettier  Skin 

50 ml 
Specially formulated for tired and dehydrated skin, this organic duo is used for brighter, more plump skin like a tonic in front of your moisturizer to effectively counteract the first signs of age. Its two-phase formula of 1/3 oil and 2/3 Flowering water is perfectly balanced for the skin. 

This duo of rose petal and rosehip oil is enriched with rosehip, the fruit of wild rose, known for its wealth of antioxidant vitamin C, helping to smooth and plump the skin. Applied in the morning, this organic duo awakens for brighter, more plump skinthe skin: it becomes more plump and radiant. In the evening, this treatment ensures that the facial features and the skin relax. 

The complexion is brighter and the skin more plump.

99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.
58% of the total ingredients come from organic farming.
Made in France, certified organic by Ecocert.

The Bio duo for brighter, more plump skin is ideal:
• for women looking for a bio care preparation that works effectively against the first signs of aging
• as a first step in the facial  care routine
• to make the skin more radiant and plump 
• perfect for the skin balanced two-phase formula
• for all skin types 

The plus of Melvita:
The rosehip is particularly rich in antioxidant vitamin C: 30 times more than an orange. Their pulp contains 30% high-energy sugar and 4% antioxidant components. The rose hips used in the Pulpe de Rose series are hand-harvested in France according to a Sustainable Harvesting Charter, ensuring that the ingredients are of the highest quality and are produced with respect for biodiversity.

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