Melvita Superactivated Organic Body Firming Oil - 100 ml

Melvita Superactivated Organic Body Firming Oil - 100 ml

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Melvita Superactivated Organic Body Firming Oil 

100 ml  
The super-activated organic tightening oil is a slimming care with a fresh and delicate fragrance that tightens the skin and visibly reduces orange peel.

The new formula contains pink pepper in double concentration, the new formula of the organic tightening oil from the series Or Rose is "super activated". This wonderful ingredient facilitates fat loss and improves the appearance of orange peel. The super-activated organic tightening oil combines effectiveness and user comfort with its dry oil texture and fresh fragrance - making a unique massage routine possible.

This slimming treatment can be used throughout the year to tighten and tone the skin.
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
47% of the total ingredients come from organic farming

organic by Ecocert The super-activated organic tightening oil is ideal:

• for women looking for a slimming and firming
skin care • to smooth and firm the skin and orange peel visibly reduced
• due to its double concentration of pink pepper
• because of its dry oil texture, which absorbs quickly and attracts you to dress immediately after use
• With its sparkling and fresh fragrance it gives you a pleasant feeling of freshness
• for all skin types

The Plus from Melvita:

On the island of Réunion, the Aroeira is such a popular ingredient that it is called "Or Rose" ("rose gold"). This little berry has a slim effect and is good for the skin. It is harvested from May to September and from August to November by an agricultural cooperative, which contributes to the preservation of the agricultural heritage of La Réunion and guarantees a stable production price.

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