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L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Age Intensive Care "Day" Cream - 50 ml

Regular price $24.50

L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Age Intensive Care "Day" Cream

50 ml

Deep-acting force, with hyaluronic acid & 3% pro-xylans, softens wrinkles, adds density, with remodeling effect

High concentration of active ingredients - 3-fold anti-aging effect. Delicate cream, silky soft and non-greasy.

  • Deep-acting anti-aging care with hyaluronic acid and pro-xylans
  • reduces wrinkles, gives density
  • with remodeling effect
  • dermatologically tested
  • Also suitable for sensitive skin
  1. Reduces Wrinkles: 
    Revitalift Laser X3 is enriched with fragmented hyaluronic acid, which quickly penetrates the skin to relieve wrinkles.
  2. Gives the skin density: 
    The care contains the active ingredient Pro-xylane, which strengthens and strengthens the supporting fibers of the skin.
  3. The face looks like a re-modeled one:
    a high concentration of Pro-Xylane has been incorporated into a Revitalift Nursing program to stimulate the production of the skin's own ingredients and to whip up and remodel the face as though from the inside out.

A beautiful skin today - a youthful looking skin tomorrow. DR