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L'Oréal Paris Age-Perfect Soy Ceramid+Melanin Protect Day & Night Care Cream Set

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L'Oréal Paris Age-Perfect Soy Ceramid+Melanin Protect Day & Night Care Cream Set

50 ml each (100 ml supply)


L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Soy Peptides Substance-strengthening moisturizer "Day"Cream: From the age of 50, the skin is less well supplied with estrogen. It can lose up to 30% of its collagen substance within a few years, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. The skin dries out, slackens.The labs of L'Oréal have developed the substance-strengthening moisturizer day - like a fountain of youth for the mature skin.The care with soy peptides, stimulates the supporting fibers of the skin: up to 38% more substance. The skin becomes firmer and firmer.
L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Moisturizing Night Cream: From 50, the skin is less well moisturized. The supporting fibers of the skin decrease, it loses its firmness and dark spots can occur. L'ORÉAL EXPERTISE The powerful power of soy ceramides stimulates the skin's supporting fibers for more firmness. The melanin protection ™ counteracts age spots. 
The hydrolipidic film of the skin, which protects it from dehydration, is strengthened overnight

  • Support effect for mature skin
  • Anti-skin relaxation + anti-age spots
  • with soy ceramide + melanin protection ™
  • Day after day, the skin is moisturized, it becomes more elastic and radiant
  • After 4 weeks, the skin regains its supporting power, the facial features look firmer and firmer
  • dermatologically tested
EFFECT: Tautness
+ Anti-stains TEXTURE:
Silky-soft + non-greasy