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Lindt Creola Pralinés 165 g

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Lindt Creola Pralinés 165 g

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Discover the unique secret of Creola: Delicate pralines with delicately roasted slivers made of 100% finest cocoa beans in hazelnut nougat cream (Cacautl), in Blancor cream (Xoya), in fine hazelnut nougat cream (Ek Chuah) and in fine milk chocolate (Yuka). In Central and South America, the home of cocoa, these noble cocoa beans mature and develop their particularly fine and intense aroma. Experience this taste in its purest form as delicately roasted fragments of the cocoa bean in the filling of Creola Pralinés.

  • Manufacturer
    Lindt , Lindt sweets & pastries
  • mass
    165 g
  • list of ingredients
    Sugar, whole milk powder , cocoa butter , cocoa mass, hazelnuts , cocoa kernels (4%), palm oil, skimmed-milk powder, milk sugar , canned pear , emulsifier ( soya lecithin ), vanilla flavor . Can contain almonds .
  • sales description
  • allergens
    Soy, milk, nuts