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Lindt Crogratulations Mini Pralinés, 100g

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Lindt Crogratulations Mini Pralinés, 100g

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"Congratulations" - The smaller, the more often! The Maîtres Chocolatiers of Lindt have created this fine selection of exquisite mini pralines with craftsmanship and attention to detail for you. They have succeeded in making the greatest works of art only half as big, but just as sophisticated. Because if they are so small and light, you can enjoy all the more diversity. The Maîtres Chocolatiers by Lindt have stood for the highest confectionery art for over 160 years.
  • list of ingredients
    Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter , whole milk powder , almonds , hazelnuts , dextrose, glucose-fructose syrup, butter rub , pisces , skimmed-milk powder , milk sugar, invert sugar, condensed milk , marc de champagne, butter , lemon peel, orange peel,
  • Pralines.
  • allergens: Gluten, soy, milk, nuts