Lenor (Swiss) Laundry Perfume 'GOLDEN ORCHID'-  210 g

Lenor (Swiss) Laundry Perfume 'GOLDEN ORCHID'- 210 g

  • $12.50

Lenor (Swiss) Laundry Perfume 'GOLDEN ORCHID' 

210 g

Discover the Lenor laundry perfume, the latest addition to the wellbeing range from Lenor. Now, the freshness of your Lenor favorite fragrances lasts even longer. Enjoy the fragrance Golden Orchid of Lenor - laundry for laundry. Lenor Golden Orchid exudes a seductive hint of delicious vanilla that soothes the senses. Mixed with mimosa, honey rose accents and creamy peach, Lenor Golden Orchid provides an incredibly pleasant and sensual experience. Use the complete laundry line together. The laundry detergent, softener and laundry perfume from Lenor complement each other for a perfect washing experience. Lenor Lingerie Golden Orchid is the perfect complement to Lenor Detergent Golden Orchid and Lenor Softener Golden Orchid. Wonderful alone, together a heavenly well-being.

          MADE IN U.K

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