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Lenor Laundry Perfume Unstoppables 'SUN KISS' 510 g

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Lenor Laundry Perfume Unstoppables 'SUN KISS'

510 g

  • Laundry perfume for all textiles, even sportswear
  • Combination of passion fruit and coconut water
  • Depending on the desired scent experience little or much dosing
  • Simply put in the washing drum
The Lenor Unstoppables Sun Kiss provide the ultimate freshness boost for every garment, even sportswear. You keep all your textiles fresh for up to 12 weeks (in the cupboard), so your clothes are always ready to get dressed and smell like your favorite scent. The scent Sun Kiss appeals to all your senses: Enjoy the fruity scent of the tropics with a combination of Brazilian passion fruit, coconut water, Atemoya and citrus