Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum for Women 25- 75 ml

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Lancôme Idôle Eau de Parfum for Women

25 - 75 ml

Idôle is a manifesto to the Modern Woman & the perfect floral addition to the fragrance portfolio of Lancôme. A new vision of success is taking shape. Idôle is the fragrance of a conquering femininity. An invitation to believe in yourself, to surpass yourself, to chart a new path: your own.

  • pure, floral chypre fragrance
  • Intended for women who want to feel confident and feminine
  • unique ultra-slim bottle that is very handy

Fragrance composition
Right at the beginning, the fresh bergamot accord with a sweet undertone comes into its own. The fragrance composition then unfolds its floral interplay, in which the noble essence of roses, accompanied by jasmine, forms the heart of this feminine and self-confident fragrance. The notes of cedar wood, vanilla and patchouli together form the basis of the Lancôme Idôle perfume.

The history of fragrance
The perfume Lancôme Idôle embodies the elegance, the pure femininity and everything that belongs to the modern woman. Especially the rose plays an important role here. The queen in the realm of the flower world alone represents the floral embodiment of femininity. The seductive scent and the pointed thorns symbolize the beauty and power of the woman.

The exceptionally thin bottle points to the endless possibilities that women have. It also stands out for its purity and simplicity. This again indicates that a unique scent was created for strong and independent women.

head: bergamot
heartJasmine, Rose
reasonPatchouli, vanilla, cedar

Olfactory groupsflowery, chypre


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