2xPack Stress-free Orange Blossom, Tangerine Shower Gel - 400 ml

  • $14.50

2xPack Kneipp Stress-free Orange Blossom, Tangerine Shower Gel

200 ml each (400 ml supply)

Stay relaxed even in hectic times and recharge your batteries with the stress-free Kneipp® aroma care shower. The sunny scent of the natural essential oils from orange blossom and tangerine helps you to let go and gives you new momentum for tension and stress in everyday life. Natural nourishing oil makes the skin feel soft and supple. The natural herbal care formula protects the skin from drying out. A study * also confirms the significantly improved skin feeling during and after showering with the Kneipp® aroma care shower. * Independent test institute: application of the Kneipp® aroma care shower.


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