Kneipp 'Sensitive Derm' Bath Sea Salt

Kneipp 'Sensitive Derm' Bath Sea Salt

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Kneipp 'SensitiveDerm' Bath Sea Salt

500 g


A bath with the Kneipp SensitiveDerm Urmeer bath salts cleanses your skin and nourishes it naturally. The natural powers of salt provide a soothing bathing experience and give the skin suppleness and healthy beauty. Salt has been known as a source of health and beauty for millennia. Kneipp SensitiveDerm Urmeer bath salts are suitable for all skin types, but are especially recommended for highly sensitive, prone to allergies skin.

Free of any additives, it brings the skin back into balance. At a depth of 460 meters, the naturally pure salt of the Thermeoles steadily accumulates from the salt deposits of a 250-million-year-old primeval sea. It is therefore particularly pure and free from environmental influences. The natural trace elements and mineral salts contained in the thermal brine have a calming effect on the skin and provide the skin with moisture.



target group Unisex | Women | Men
Dermatologically tested Yes
application Note For a full bath dissolve the entire contents of the bag in hot water. Then add warm water until a bath temperature of approx. 36-38 ° C is reached. The recommended bath time is 15-20 minutes. After the bath, briefly shower off the skin. For optimal relaxation, allow your body to rest for 30-60 minutes.Natural support of skin regeneration for a healthy and beautiful skin, medical skin care
ingredients Sodium Chloride
skin type all skin types | sensitive skin
product feature protectively | cleaning
Free of Without parabens | Without silicones | Without mineral oils | Without PEG | Without alcohol | Without oil | Without aluminum salts | Without perfume | Without synthetic perfumes | Without synthetic dyes | Without synthetic preservatives | Without paraffins | Vegan

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