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2xPack Kneipp Cold and Flu Bath Special - 200 ml

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2xPack Kneipp Cold and Flu Bath Special

100 ml each (200 ml supply)


Kneipp® cold bath special with a high concentration of the best essential oils frees the respiratory tract and makes it easier to cough up. It relieves noticeable cold-typical symptoms and warms the body pleasantly. 

Kneipp® cold bath special. Active ingredients: eucalyptus oil 40%, D-camphor 2.5%. Bath additive for use in adults and adolescents from 12 years. For supportive treatment and to improve the symptoms of colds of the respiratory tract with viscous mucus. Contains D-camphor. 

For risks and side effects read the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist.


target group Women | Men | Unisex
application Note If necessary, adults and children over 12 years old take a full bath once a day. Unless otherwise prescribed, for 1 bath (150 l bath water) use 20 ml bath additive (pack size 100 ml and 200 ml: fill the screw cap 2 times to the mark (10 ml)). Distribute evenly in the bath water. Bathing temperature: 35-38 ° C (or higher, as far as compatible). Bath time: 10 - 20 minutes.
ingredients 100 g bath additive contain: active ingredients: eucalyptus oil 40.0 g; D-camphor 2.5 g. Excipients: omega-dodecylpoly (oxyethylene) -x-hydrogen sulfate, 1-aminopropan-2-ol salt> 20-50%, macrogol-4-lauryl ether> 20-50%, N, N-bis (2-hydroxyethyl) coconut fatty acid amide> 10-20%; Quinoline yellow (E 104); Patent Blue V (E 131); Purified water.
skin type all skin types