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K-Favorite Gourmet Breakfast Muesli Triple Choc - 500g

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K-Favorite Gourmet Breakfast Muesli Triple Choc

500 g (1.2 lbs)


  • FT Cocoa

Ingredients and ingredients

ingredient list

Crunchy muesli [OAT flakes, sugar, palm oil, cereal extrudates (WHEAT FLOUR, maize semolina, rice flour, sugar, corn starch, OAT FLOUR), glucose syrup, low-fat cocoa powder, caramel sugar syrup, table salt, natural aroma, vegetable extract from oregano chocolate milk (3% chocolate oregano) [ %) (Sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins), dark chocolate flakes (3%) (cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins), white chocolate flakes (2.5%) (sugar, cocoa butter, VOLLMILCHPULVER Sunflower lecithins), rolls of milk chocolate and white chocolate (1.5%) (sugar, WHOLE MILK POWDER, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, SWEET MILK POWDER, emulsifier: sunflower lecithins)].
The product may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, soy and sesame.


Storage and usage instructions

Store cool and dry.

Safety and warning notices

Since this muesli is a natural product, core, stone and shell parts can be included.

This product is packaged by weight and not by volume. Level fluctuations are due to transport.

MADE in Czech Republic