Hildegard Braukmann Man Hyaluron Power Lift -  50 ml

Hildegard Braukmann Man Hyaluron Power Lift - 50 ml

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Hildegard Braukmann Man Hyaluron Power Lift

50 ml

Anti-aging care.

  • With moisture depot technology
  • For the young look

Anti-aging care with hyaluronic acid and micro-proteins, highly concentrated. For an alert, strong appearance. Reduces wrinkles. Ultra light cream. Absorbs quickly.

Active ingredients:

Matrikins  are microproteins that stimulate the formation of new collagen in the skin. Wrinkles are effectively reduced and the skin looks younger again.

AquaPront  immediately levels the skin profile as a natural active ingredient. Wrinkles are filled in and thus visibly reduced. The pore structure is also successfully refined. The effectiveness is based on the "moisture depot technology", through which a lot of water is bound and trapped in the skin for up to 24 hours. Spherical membrane lipids (glycosphingolipids) serve as a carrier system in which hyaluronic acid and an extract from barley (contains beta glucan) are encapsulated.

Bio-hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide and a natural component of the connective tissue. It has a skin-tightening and smoothing effect. We only use hyaluronic acid that has been produced biotechnologically (bio-hyaluron). When dissolved in water, hyaluronic acid forms a gel-like structure that lies on the skin as a thin film and combines with the ceramides of the skin via hydrogen bonds. In this way, bio-hyaluron can bind very large amounts of water in the stratum corneum and releases them only after several hours - this results in a hydrating depot effect. With increasing age, the body's own production of hyaluronic acid continues to decrease. The skin loses its elasticity, lines and wrinkles form. Care products with hyaluronic acid can compensate for or alleviate these skin changes.

Derma membrane concentrate is the basis of this special care product. It contains only skin-related lipids of plant origin, namely phospholipids, triglycerides, squalane, ceramides and phytosterols. Due to its special lamellar structure, it is very similar to the natural barrier layers of the skin and is accepted and integrated by the skin. Derma membrane concentrate specifically supports the natural barrier function, reduces skin roughness and significantly increases the elasticity and moisture content of the skin.

Shea butter  from the nuts of the West African shea butter tree contains vitamins A and E. Shea butter has excellent protective properties and prevents the skin from drying out. It is ideally suited for skin with increased care requirements.

Phytosqualan  is a colorless, odorless, oily liquid made from olive oil. Squalane is an essential component of the skin's own hydro-lipid film in unsaturated form (squalene) and is therefore particularly skin-friendly. We use the saturated form, which prevents the oxidation of the skin's own fats (by free radicals). Squalane has moisturizing properties, spreads well, ie it can be spread very well, and leaves the skin feeling silky. Because of the good absorption behavior, squalane acts as a glide splint in the skin for the other active ingredients.

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