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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Almond Blossom Face Cream - 50 ml

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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Almond Blossom Face Cream

50 ml  

With a high content of almond oil and calendula oil from the marigold. Protects the skin with vitamins C and E, prevents the skin from drying out and improves its moisture retention. The skin gets a relaxed and relaxed radiance after a short time. ALMOND FLOWER CREAM makes the skin smooth and supple and has a slightly matt effect despite the higher fat content.

Active ingredients:

almond oil. is a very fine, light yellow oil that is obtained by cold pressing the sweet almonds. Almond oil is part of the classic cold creams and is particularly suitable for use on sensitive and slightly damaged skin.

Calendula oil. is the oily extract from the flowers of the marigold (Calendula officinalis). Important components are saponin, essential oil, bitter substance, resin, acids and color. This extract accelerates the formation of new cells, has an anti-inflammatory, calming and slightly stimulates the blood circulation.

Vitamin C. is probably the best known vitamin and performs very important tasks in the body. It is indispensable for strengthening the immune system and stimulating the immune system, the hormone and nervous system, regulating fat metabolism and stimulating the detoxification system. Due to the antioxidant effect, the strengthening of collagen synthesis and the protection against skin damage caused by free radicals, vitamin C prevents skin aging, reduces wrinkling and smoothes the skin.

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E. offers active cell protection, demonstrably increases the moisture content of the skin and smoothes the skin relief.
  • Effect: moisturizing, regenerating
  • Skin type: sensitive skin
  • Special feature: Free from animal testing, paraffin free, paraben free