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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Couperose Relax Night Cream - 50 ml

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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Couperose Relax Night Cream

50 ml

Special night care for redness and hypersensitive skin.

Special rich night care for dry, demanding skin prone to telangiectasias (couperose). Extracts from sage and green tea as well as panthenol have an enveloping and shielding effect and are mildly astringent. Immediately has a calming effect on particularly sensitive, irritated skin.

Active ingredients:

sage. (Salvia officinalis). Sage extracts have an astringent and antiperspirant effect.

Green tea. (Camellia sinensis) comes from the same plant as black tea and differs from it in that it is not fermented. Due to the high content of tannins, the extract has an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the skin. It is an excellent radical scavenger.

Linden blossom. Linden blossom (Tilia cordata). In addition to saponins, mucilages and tannins and sugar, we also find growth hormones and hesperidin here, which have given the linden blossom the epithet beauty herb. Hesperidin is an individual component of the vitamin P complex. The extract from the dried flowers has skin-protecting and skin-strengthening effects.

Hesperidin. is one of the vitamin P factors that are able to normalize increased capillary permeability (permeability of the fine blood vessels) and vascular fragility. It is found in citrus fruits, in peppers and in the flowers of the lime tree.

Vitamin C. is probably the best known vitamin and performs very important tasks in the body. It is essential for strengthening the immune system and stimulating the immune system, the hormone and nervous system, regulating fat metabolism and stimulating the detoxification system. Due to the antioxidant effect, the strengthening of collagen synthesis and the protection against skin damage caused by free radicals, vitamin C prevents skin aging, reduces wrinkling and smoothes the skin.

Lemon extract. obtained from the lemon juice, contains citric acid, vitamin C, vitamins B1, B2, B6, as well as minerals and trace elements. Effect: mildly astringent and antiseptic.

Phytosqualan. is a colorless, odorless oily liquid that is extracted from olive oil. Squalane is an essential component of the skin's own hydro-lipid film in unsaturated form (squalene) and is therefore particularly skin-friendly. We use the saturated form, which prevents the oxidation of the skin's own fats (by free radicals). Squalane has moisturizing properties, spreads well, ie it can be spread very well, and leaves the skin feeling silky. Because of the good absorption behavior of squalane, it acts as a glide splint into the skin for the other active ingredients.

Medilan. is pharmaceutical lanolin of exceptional purity and highest quality. Medilan is biomimetically active, which means that Medilan corresponds perfectly to the natural structures of the epidermis and thus enables optimal skin care. It is able to compensate for deficits in the skin and "repair" skin damage. It effectively strengthens the skin barrier and increases the moisture content of the skin.

Cocoa butter. (Theobroma cacao) is obtained from the fermented and roasted cocoa beans, which are cultivated primarily in Africa and South America. The cocoa trees bear large melon-like fruits directly on the trunk, which contain the cocoa beans. Cocoa butter is so popular in cosmetic products because it gives the skin a particularly pleasantly cared-for feeling.

Beeswax. (Cera Alba) Natural wax produced by honeybees. It is almost insoluble in water and therefore protects sensitive skin in particular from loss of moisture. Beeswax was already known in skin care in antiquity almost 2000 years ago and its smoothing effect was valued.

Panthenol. (Provitamin B5) easily penetrates the skin and improves moisture retention, especially for dry, brittle and cracked skin. Panthenol works against redness and irritation of the skin, is anti-inflammatory and relieves itching.
  • Effect: moisturizing, regenerating
  • Skin type: All skin types
  • Special feature: paraben free