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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Vitamin Hydro Facial Serum - 30 ml

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Hildegard Braukmann Emosie Vitamin Hydro Facial Serum

30 ml 

Silky, moisturizing care concentrate with coenzyme Q10 and vitamins.

The care serum is enriched with the skin-active vitamins A, E and the body's own coenzyme Q10, which activates the cell energy and has a skin-tightening effect. Also contains almond oil and moisturizing factors on a natural basis to stabilize the water balance. Ideal to alleviate the effects of stress and lack of moisture on the skin. The skin becomes smoother and smoother, the complexion looks visibly refreshed.

Active ingredients:

Co-enzyme Q10. (Ubiquinone) is a vitamin-like substance. It is inherent in each of our cells and normally the body itself produces enough of it. With increasing age, however, the body's own production decreases more and more. Q10 plays an important role in the energy metabolism and respiratory chain of the body cells. It activates cell energy and actively supports synthesis and repair mechanisms in the skin. At the same time, Co-Enzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant and protects the cells from free radical damage.

DayMoist CLR®. consists of vegetable corn starch and sugar beet extract. Supports the natural moisturizing factors (NMF) of the skin and increases the moisture content in the outer layers of the skin (stratum corneum).

Phytosqualan. is a colorless, odorless oily liquid that is extracted from olive oil. Squalane is an essential component of the skin's own hydro-lipid film in unsaturated form (squalene) and is therefore particularly skin-friendly. We use the saturated form, which prevents the oxidation of the skin's own fats (by free radicals). Squalane has moisturizing properties, spreads well, ie it can be spread very well, and leaves the skin feeling silky. Because of the good absorption behavior of squalane, it acts as a glide splint into the skin for the other active ingredients.

Vitamin A palmitate. Is a stabilized form of vitamin A to regulate cornification disorders.

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E. offers active cell protection, demonstrably increases the moisture content of the skin and smoothes the skin relief.

Almond oil. is a very fine, light yellow oil that is obtained by cold pressing the sweet almonds. Almond oil is part of the classic cold creams and is particularly suitable for use on sensitive and slightly damaged skin.
  • Effect: moisturizing, regenerating
  • Skin type: All skin types
  • Special feature: paraben free