BIOTHERM Blue Therapy Day and Night Care Face Cream Set - 100 ml

  • $149.50

BIOTHERM Blue Therapy Day and Night Care Face Cream Set

50 ml each (100 ml supply) 


BLUE THERAPY ACCELERATED: ANTI-WRINKLES - ANTI-PIGMENT FLUIDS - STRENGTHNow accelerate the regeneration of your skin through this facial care. Highly concentrated on the Algae of Youthfulness ™ with exceptional regenerative powers and a high nutrient concentration - the regenerative powers of your skin are accelerated by the anti-wrinkle cream. A smooth-melting cream texture for sensuous anti-aging enjoyment that becomes one with her on contact with the skin. Result: The highly concentrated formula visibly reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation and loss of firmness.

- Anti-aging care 
- has high regenerative powers 
- counteracts signs of aging 
- soft-melting texture, absorbs quickly 
- against wrinkles, pigmentation marks , loss of strength

The Biotherm Blue Therapy Night Cream is a soft-melting anti-aging night cream that combines regenerating and repairing extracts in a highly concentrated formula. This deep-acting and extremely nourishing night care provides a protected, strengthened and resistant skin, which defies harmful factors such as UV radiation, stress and pollutants. The smoothing and wrinkle-fighting cream helps to a youthful appearance. Tighter contours and a firmer, remodeled skin texture are the visible result. The overnight care cream is applicable to all skin types. 

- Anti-aging night cream 
- suitable for all skin types 
- deep-acting , extremely nourishing
- has a highly concentrated formula 
- creates a youthful appearance 

Apply the deep-acting night cream on the cleansed face in the evening. 


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