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2x Pack of Schwarzkopf RE-NATURE Anti-Grey for Men Dark Brown-Black

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2x Packs Schwarzkopf RE-NATURE Re-pigmentation for Men -

Dark Brown-Black **FREE SHIPPING**

With the cream of Re-Nature, you can leave gray hair behind

Schwarzkopf RE-NATURE Re-pigmentation for men's hair 
dark: BLACK HEAD RE-NATURE: GRAY HAIR GIVES HIS NATURAL TONE Gray hair? You want your natural tone back - without coloring? The Schwarzkopf experts have the solution: RE-NATURE Re-pigmentation cream returns your natural tone step by step Gentle and gentle without oxidizing agent. Schwarzkopf RE-NATURE DARK is suitablefor the natural hair colors dark brown to black. Gray hair:
Over the years, natural color pigments are lost to the hair After the first use:
The hair structure is filled with nature-like pigments, which are gently built up step by step. Full re-pigmentation:
After about 3 applications, the natural tone is achieved thanks to a complete re-pigmentation of your hair.