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EDUSCHO VidA 64 Coffee Capsules for NESCAFÉ ® DOLCE GUSTO Machines

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EDUSCHO VidA 64 Coffee Capsules for NESCAFÉ ® DOLCE GUSTO Machines - Six Varieties

4xPacks of 16 Capsules per pack (64 Capsules Total)

Perfect EDUSCHO coffee enjoyment for NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® * machines. 
The Eduscho VidA capsules are compatible with the popular NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® * machines (Piccolo, Melody, Circolo, Drop, Stelia, Genio, Mini Me, Oblo, Jovia, Lumio, Colors, Movenza, Eclipse and Infinissima) and can be prepared as usual on their NESCAFÉ® DOLCE GUSTO® * machine.

Content: 64 capsules of ground roasted coffee à 7 g = 448 g 

EDUSCHO VidA Espresso - 64 Capsules

  • Invigorating fruity! An elegant espresso with a full-bodied taste and a fine berry note.
  • Intensity: 3

EDUSCHO VidA Espresso Intense - 64 Capsules

  • The pick-me-up! An intense espresso with a dark chocolate note and full aroma. Especially tasty with milk.
  • Intensity: 5

EDUSCHO VidA Lungo - 64 Capsules

  • With a delicious crema layer! A full-bodied Lungo with aromatic balanced taste.
  • Intensity: 3

EDUSCHO VidA Grande - 64 Capsules

  • Perfect for big cups! The Grande impresses with its mild character, a slightly sweet note and a fine roasted aroma.
  • Intensity: 2

EDUSCHO VidA Cappuccino - 64 Capsules

  • Aromatic espresso meets creamy milk foam! A balanced cappuccino with a fine hint of milk
EDUSCHO VidA Latte Macchiato - 64 Capsules
  • In typical 3-layer optics! The Latte Macchiato combines full-bodied espresso flavor with delicate creamy milk foam.

Packed under protective atmosphere. 

Store in a cool, dry and dark place.

Weight per 64 Capsules: Approx. 500 g

Individual Preparation Instructions included with each variety pack