2xPack Simplicol Textile Dye 'EXPERT' - 18 Different Colors - FREE SHIPPING!

  • $26.50

Simplicol Textile Dye 'EXPERT' - 18 Different Colors

2xPacks per order


Textile Dye for use in the washing machine. 

For textiles made of cotton, viscose, linen and blended fabrics. Ideal for repainting, reshaping and refreshing.

No extra salt required! 
Complete package for a coloring.

.Liquid recipe for a brilliant result

  • optimal: ideal also for water-saving machines
  • immediately soluble: intensive, even coloring without stains
  • Residue free: no residues in machine & textile

One pack stains about 600 g of fabric permanently in full tone. 
This corresponds eg to 1 jeans, 3 towels, 4 T-shirts or 1 bath towel. With more laundry, the color is lighter.

18 Colors to choose from:

  1.  Corn Yellow
  2.  India Orange
  3.  Poppy Red
  4.  Cherry Red
  5.  Fuchsia Pink
  6.  Blackberry Red
  7.  Lilac Purple
  8.  Marine Blue
  9.  Gentian Blue
  10.  Azure Blue
  11.  Pacific Turqoise
  12.  Deep Sea Green
  13.  Ivy Green
  14.  Apple Green
  15.  Reed Green
  16.  Nut Brown
  17.  Dolphin Grey
  18.  Midnight Black



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