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2xPacks Dr. Beckmann Laundry Fragrances - FRESH 500 ml

Regular price $16.50

2xPacks Dr. Beckmann Laundry Fragrances - FRESH

250 ml each (500 ml supply)

      Gives your textiles a long-lasting, fresh fragrance day after day. Because of the special encapsulated fragrances you can experience the fragrance not only directly after the wash, but also when you take the laundry out of the closet and carry it. With every movement a bit more of the pleasant fragrance is released and spoils you so. 

      The special thing about Dr. Beckmann laundry fragrances is that they are suitable for all textiles. Even for textiles made of microfibre and functional underwear, since the laundry scents of Dr. med. Beckmann consciously refrain from bleach effects. 

                MADE IN GERMANY